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Who are you?
I am your average, garden variety geek. I am also a borderline foodie, so feel free to recommend those awesome food joints to me. I love wildlife and travel, hence most of my travels are biased towards visiting few remaining wilderness around India.  Other than that, I am just an IT guy with bad sense of humor. This blog is a running document of such travels. It is not meant to be anything more than that.

Are you a wildlife photographer?
A resounding no. I do take photographs to make memories of my visit to the place, but I do not consider myself a wildlife photographer. I don’t even have a dedicated FB page 😀

Are you a photo tour operator?
Again, no. I can give you a few recommendations to you if you need (highly unlikely given the amount of marketing existing ones do), but I make my money in good old way of being a desk ninja.

Can we make a group and travel?
Ummm.. no idea. I like to meet people when I am traveling and swap stories around the dinner table. However I personally think when you are traveling, smaller groups are way more fun. Apart from a few trips (3 to be exact) that I had been on with Sudheer and Toehold, I have either traveled solo or with one friend. Also, I (allegedly) snore. Apparently loudly, but I have never seen an evidence to support those allegations.

Is it safe to travel alone?
Depends. As long as you are aware of your surrounding you are generally safe. Do your research before you embark on your trip and weigh the pros and cons. Caveat here is that it’s a view of a male traveler. Challenges associated with single female travelers are different and I am not the best person to answer from that point of view.

Why do you write these trip reports?
Yes, someone has once asked me this. My answer was “Why not?”. To be honest, I got hooked on to Corbett and Anderson. I still read those books even though I have read them multiple times. I used to look forward to reading trip reports by people on their blogs. I got immense amount of pleasure by all this reading and still do. I am just spreading the joy.

Are you a conservationist?
No. I am a tourist. I am too materialistic to be a conservationist. I live in a metropolitan city, ride a bike, enjoy finer things in life and have a carbon footprint the size of a small country. I do contribute to conservation causes (monetarily) at times but I do not think it’s a qualifier.
I do like to promote conservation, but I do not turn a blind eye to ground realities. I am also mildly allergic to armchair conservationists, who like to carry out all their conservation on FB/Twitter. In my views, the word conservationist has been abused by too many people, who limit their conservation to social media or social gatherings. Yes, I am judgmental, sarcastic and condescending at times.

What camera do you recommend for x place?
Any camera you have on you or you can manage without selling your left kidney. You select the gear you want, based on the kind of images you want. Renting camera gear is a real option for a lot of people who live in metros. To be honest, often the memorable moments of your trip will be captured in your mobile camera because it’s always handy. Basically, the best camera is what you have.

Can I have that image for free to be used for x purpose?

Not without permission, so please ask nicely and state your intentions. Definitely not free. No, attribution or credit is not a form of payment, neither do I need it. I don’t sell images but I also do not participate in the practice of encouraging freeloading. So, unless you have my explicit permission you are not allowed to use my images anywhere.